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No commercial problem with this

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Subject:No commercial problem with this
Summary:GPL is 'free' but free support, get real...!
Author: A H
Date:2012-05-27 12:04:09
Update:2012-05-27 12:23:23

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Picture of  A H A H - 2012-05-27 12:23:23
I appreciate the fact that someone puts their coding standards and methods in front of peers for critical review.

In fact, the author exposes themselves to review from people who are the general public who may not be fully equipped to make a balanced judgement.

Web-hosting, bandwidth and the mere involvement of one's personal intellectual and emotional effort all costs money. The money cost may not be obvious as it could just amount to an opportunity cost of doing this or some commercial project.

Perhaps the author will be fully absorbed by commercial offers in due course.

I like the quality of his efforts and I am pleased to send him a nominal student donation.