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Chrome prejudice ?

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Subject:Chrome prejudice ?
Summary:You are most likely not testing as you should.
Date:2010-05-08 08:06:38
Update:2010-05-09 09:39:56

  1. Chrome prejudice ?   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of na na - 2010-05-08 08:37:30
I don't know when you made your conclusions about chrome, but most of the stuff you say is not accurate:

1) Middle mouse button is ignored - it has always worked as expected! Since beta 1

2) Prompt windows block the whole browser - blocks only the current tab! (since chrome 2 i think)

3) Missing or limited extensions
- firebug is replaced by web developer tools
- javascript debugger also.
- web developer has a native port for chrome (check ext. gallery)
- other exts - check the gallery.

  2. Re: Chrome prejudice ?   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-05-09 09:39:56 - In reply to message 1 from na
I using Chrome 5 beta on Linux. Please read other comments for more explanations.