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Chrome? You mean WebKit

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Subject:Chrome? You mean WebKit
Summary:WebKit is the best browser engine. But why limit to Chrome?
Author:Jeff Dickey
Date:2010-05-07 11:46:59
Update:2010-05-07 19:29:17

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Picture of Jeff Dickey Jeff Dickey - 2010-05-07 18:07:49
I'm continually amazed by people going ga-ga over Chrome who have never taken a serious look at Safari or other WebKit/KHTML browsers. If you're on Mac, you'll find Safari far more stable than Chrome, and (no surprise) with a much more varied plugin ecosystem, particularly for developers. On Linux, can someone answer what Chrome does that significantly improves on Konqueror? Yes, 'incognito' is cool, but if you know how to manage your system competently, you know how to do that in *any* browser on your system. And if you don't want to go into geek-ninja mode every time you sit down at the keyboard, then what are you doing running Linux anyway? Get a Mac and just do what you set out to...

I used to be a tremendous Firefox bigot, but I think they've seriously jumped the shark sometime around 3.0. It's also outgrown its interface; you can't just tell 90% of your extensions "go away until I need you, but then I'm really, REALLY going to need you." Chrome, like Safari, has a much more organised, usable interface.

Chrome WILL be a great browser; it's built on WebKit, after all, and it's backed by one of the two most fanboi-inspiring companies in current tech… or maybe that should be 'one of the most well-marketed companies in current tech.' With infinitely deep pockets, and a certain Redmondian nemesis to rally the troops against, the future is bright. I use Chrome fairly regularly as part of my "be able to work and show your work anywhere" principle. I just don't (yet) see all that much to get so worked up about.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-05-07 19:29:17 - In reply to message 1 from Jeff Dickey
I suppose you are not aware that Chrome is the fastest browser of all, noty because it uses Webkit, but because it uses Google V8 JavaScript engine.

AFAIK, it was the first engine to compile JavaScript into native machine code before executing. After Google announced V8 all other browser developers had to catch up and come with their own compiling browser engines.

JavaScript is not use just in the Web pages, but also in the user interface. That is part of the reason why Chrome is not sluggish as older browsers.

Other than that, Chrome is mostly a copy of Safari due to the use of Webkit. Even the name Apple is used in built-in CSS classes used by Chrome.