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Voters and designers. Read me.

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Subject:Voters and designers. Read me.
Summary:About the sumbitted designs and the election of a design.
Author:Javier Rubacha
Date:2009-12-18 16:25:44
Update:2009-12-19 03:11:11

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Picture of Javier Rubacha Javier Rubacha - 2009-12-18 18:49:47
While browsing through the designs that where sumbited, I noticed that some of them have bugs, have a broken structure in some (or all) of the preview pages, or have compatibilty problems with different browsers and resolutions.
I think that these designs are not complete and it's not fair for the authors that invested time and effort making a design that doesn't break in the different type of previews and is compatible with the most common browsers.
This seems that some designs where submited as a "preview" of how the site will look if they win the contest, leaving structure and compatibilty problems for later.
I read in another post that there wasn't enough time to check all the designs in all types of pages and in different browsers, so, the approval or rejection of the designs was based on the default type of page (is this correct?).
I think that this information should have been supplied when the submission period started, so authors could decide if they wanted to invest their time in a more good looking design or more solid, bug free and compatible design.

If you have already voted, I want to know if you previewed the theme in different types of pages and paid attention to structure thing or you just thought that "ok, I really like this one and don't care about bugs, will be fixed in the future".

If you are about to vote, take your time to see all types of preview, and in my opinion, this thing of an uncomplete design should also be taken into account (valuing the work required for that). Again, that is my opinion.

If you have subbmited a design proposal I want to know if you had a similar feeling about this topic.

Would like to read some feedback.

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Picture of Roberto Aleman Roberto Aleman - 2009-12-19 01:59:38 - In reply to message 1 from Javier Rubacha
i agree with you, i sent a proposal compatible with all browser and others at the elefant pretty have many many bugs, this not is correct..the designs with problems not |deberian| are in the competence, neither must be accepted that show a double design, the one which has in the Web site and the one which places in your web

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2009-12-19 03:11:11 - In reply to message 1 from Javier Rubacha
The problem is not that there was no time to review, but rather that there is an infinite number of combinations of site resolutions, types of pages, types of users to check for every design.

Even if it was feasible to review all proposals in that aspect, probably no design would pass because it is not hard to find a combination that a given proposal would not look good.

The site imposed no requirements on that sense. Instead, the voters will be able to vote on the most appealing theme, and if the winner still have issues that were not fixed, the author can fix them before using the theme in the site.