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Authors may now submit slide presentations about their classes and have them rank higher in the users rated packages ranking.

Also if you live near the Seattle, Washington area in the United States, you may also want to attend an informal PHP meetup next week, to which several well known PHP developers will also attend.

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- Slide presentations about classes
- Submitting slide presentations
- Classes with slide presentations may rank higher
- Attending PHP meetup in Seattle next week

- Slide presentations about classes

The PHPClasses site now supports showing presentations of talks given about class packages published in the site.

The latest slide presentations and tutorial videos submitted to the site are available here: ...

- Submitting slide presentations

The slide presentations may be submitted by class authors like the video tutorial presentations.

First, the authors need to submit their slide presentations to the Slideshare site. The presentation files may be submitted in several formats: Powerpoint, OpenOffice, PDF, etc..

Once the presentation is processed and published in Slideshare, authors need to go to their package page and use the "Manage videos" link to go the the page for submitting the presentation.

There they need to enter the URL where the presentation is available in the Slideshare site. The PHPClasses site presents a confirmation form to let authors review the slide presentation submission.

Once the presentation is submitted it becomes listed in the video tutorials presentations section of the respective package page.

Users that previously downloaded the package may be notified by e-mail about the new slide presentation.

- Classes with slide presentations may rank higher

Authors that submit slide presentations or tutorial videos about their classes may have their classes rank higher when it comes user rated packages.

The users may only rate a class on the tutorial videos aspect if the author has submitted videos or slide presentations about the class.

If the videos or presentations are well appreciated by the users, they may rate them well. This way the overall rating of the classes may reach an higher score, and so the classes get higher visibility.

This should work as an encouragement for authors to submit more and better tutorial videos or slide presentations about their classes.

- Attending PHP meetup in Seattle next week

As some of you may be aware Microsoft is investing a lot on PHP. I intend to talk more about this in an upcoming post.

Anyway, next week there will be a Web Dev Summit at Redmond, Washington at Microsoft headquarters.

It seems this the third year Microsoft organizes this event, to which they invite several PHP developers. This year I was invited to go, so I will be there from November 17 through 19.

While I will be there I thought it would be great to join the local PHP users community for an informal meeting to talk about PHP.

Therefore I contacted the PHP meetup group of Seattle and we are planing to meet on Tuesday 18 evening. Other well known PHP developers that will also attend to the Microsoft event are likely to come.

The exact place is not yet decided but will probably be somewhere in downtown Seattle. If you are interested to come, join the Seattle PHP Meetup Group, so you get the details about this informal meetup.

If you want to take the chance to discuss any topics about the PHPClasses or other PHP matters in person with me and other PHP developers, just attend to this meeting and join us there.

If for some reason you cannot find the details about the time and place of the meeting, you may want to send me a message to info at .

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