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I am writing you quickly to tell about a couple of neat things that are going on about the PHP Classes site.

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1. By suggestion of a few users, I have created a community in Orkut dedicated to the PHP Classes site. If you do not know what Orkut is, it is site of Google that is meant establish communities of trusted people that already know each other or at least share common interests.

There are several sites like this, some are commercial, but Orkut is free to use. The only thing is that you only enter by invitation. In this site you can create a record of information about yourself, but you are not required to share your personal details with everybody, so your privacy is protected up to the level that you want.

If you are already a member of Orkut, feel free to join the PHP Classes community going to the address below. If you are not a member of Orkut but would like to join, feel free to mail me at and I will gladly send you an invitation.

2. The other neat thing that I wanted to mention is that soon the PHP Classes site is going to launch an initiative that will be actively helping to promote regional PHP user groups. This initiative is not meant to compete with others that already exist meant to promote users groups. Actually, this initiative will help making others more effective.

Basically it consists on letting PHP Classes subscribers where are the PHP user groups near where they live. Hopefully this will help local PHP user groups grow and keep alive for a long while providing support to local users that need it.

Unfortunately, some user groups end up dying because the most active members do not have enough time to dedicate and there are not enough new members contributing to to justify keeping regular meetings and other interesting activities.

Hopefully, this initiative of the PHP Classes site will help some local user groups to survive by leading as many new members to them as possible.

Later I will mention more about this. For now, I just would like that if you participate in the leadership of local user group and would like to help in the tests, just send me a message to so I can tell you how you can help and benefit your group from being an early adopter.

Manuel Lemos

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