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Paid services survey fixed

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Thank you to the hundreds of users that reported the problem in survey form. It as a minor bug in form field page allocation that was exposed due to last minute changes in page order resorting. Since it was only visible to people filling the forms for the first time (all of you), it escaped my tests.

The problem is fixed now. I would like to apologise for the inconvinience and having to mail you again.

I also would like to thank you all those that mailed me to provide encouragement, feedback on the ideas and suggestions for other options. I will try to reply to you all on that.

Anyway, I would like to take this chance explain some issues that were probably not very clear. If you are interested to help, please read this message till the end with proper attention.

Communication is an art that it is not easy to manage, especially when you need to tell so much in a way that motivates people to pay proper attention. So, I'll try to explain the issues with short sentences.

- This survey is meant to help me making some decisions to include in the site business plan.

- You should not read it like "it will be like this, pick your options" but rather "if it was like this, which options would you prefer?".

- This means that the final services offer will be most likely changed from what is proposed now.

- It is very likely that the site CD and the online advice and consulting services will be charged separately.

- This survey is just about new paid services that may be added. Current services will remain free.

- More services like a user rating system and a better class upload system will be made available and for free. I just need to generate enough income to be able to dedicate to the site at full time.

- While I am the entrepeneur of this project, I am also its sole investor. As an investor, until I am not convinced that it will be financially viable, as entrepeneur I will not implement with the project.

- If it turns out that the project is not be viable, I will give up and have to close the site.

- I am confident that I can adjust the business plan until it becomes viable. But I also need to see evidence of that by measuring its audicence acceptance through surveys like this.

- Please take some time to fully read the service description pages. You hardly will be able to decide if you are interested, if you do not completely understand what is proposed.

- The description pages explain the services in detail, explain why they can be interesting for you as user and why they can't be provided for free.

- If you are not interested to adhere to the paid services because you can't afford paying or otherwise disagree, I understand. Just don't bother to fill the survey as it will not help me measuring the audience acceptance.

- If otherwise you would consider subscribing, even if you would like to see somethings changed, please fill the survey and enter further comments in the end if you wish.

- Several users already sent some feedback and it provided useful input, despite some suggestions are not really feasible.

- One important thing to keep in mind when sending me any suggestions is that the ones that are more likely to be accepted are those that would be more motivating for the users to adhere to the paid services.

Now you may restart the survey by going to its page:

If you would like to discuss this in a public forum, you may go to PHP Developers Network forums new home here: ...

Regards, Manuel Lemos

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